With all of the fancy new oral care products  that are readily available on today’s market, one may be surprised to learn that a lot of folks are turning to an ancient Ayurvedic oil ritual that can end up giving you  brighter teeth and also  help heal certain gum  problems.

Oil pulling used to be considered an “old wives’ tale”, but now, hard science supports the fact that it can also help lead to better overall oral health.   Oil pulling  occurs when one swishes vegetable oil around in the mouth for approximately 20 minutes each morning before breakfast.  Basically, that’s all there is to it.

I am updating this blog post with a new addition, because I have found two essential oils that make all the difference in the world when I do oil pullling.  Frankincense and Myrrh are some of the most miraculously healing oils in the world.  I had a sore place on one of my gums, and, upon the recommendation of my naturopath, added two drops each of Frankincense and Myrrh to my oil pulling routing.  OMG!   My gums were healed within the hour.

I could not believe how spectacular the results were!  I recommend DoTerra essential oils because they are so highly concentrated and pure.  They are expensive initially….but not in the longrun, because they do so much good and also because you only use such tiny amounts that they bottles last for ages.  You can pick them up here: —-> click —->   Ajan Life – Doterra Essential Oils.

The practice of oil pulling helps fight gingivitis, plaque and those nasty germs that cause bad breath.  It  works exceptionally well, in fact,  and makes the teeth nice and white without  having to use the harsh chemicals found in a lot of oral care products.    You can use whatever vegetable oil you prefer, but I like coconut oil for its antibacterial properties.    This type of oil also contains  an antimicrobial agent called, “lauric acid” that helps prevent tooth decay.    Ayurvedic practitioners use different oils for different body types, so if you know a practitioner, consult with him or her.  Otherwise, use whatever oil you wish.  Sometimes, I use sesame oil, which I also like a lot.

How to do oil pulling:

1. Put one or two tablespoons of coconut oil into a small dish, or as much directly into the mouth and skip step #2, because it only takes a few seconds for the solid oil to melt.

2.  If you prefer, place the dish containing the oil into a larger one filled with some hot water to quickly liquefy the coconut oil.

3.  When the oil is liquified, place it into your mouth…but do not swallow it!  Swish it around in your mouth for around 20 minutes.  I do it while I’m checking my morning email and going over the day’s tasks, because 20 minutes can seem like a VERY long time unless you otherwise occupy your mind.

4.  Dispose of the  in a garbage bin.  Do NOT spit into sink unless you want to clog your pipes.

5.  Rinse out your mouth with warm water.

6.  Brush your teeth.

7. Brush them again.

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Oil pulling should be considered a supplemental therapy that does not replace one’s regular, prescribed  oral care.  And by the way….there are many, many websites that extoll the virtues of oil pulling.  Information is free.  Get it here…or get it somewhere else.

Oil pulling.  Who woulda thunk it?!

What you eat and drink (and don’t eat and drink) can also whiten the teeth.  Read my blog about this topic here, and learn a thing or two: IN ADDITION TO OIL PULLING.