The Beebs is Haute!

Last night, I mentioned to my friend that I walk Beatrix at least three times a day, rain or shine.  He informed me that in a rainy climate like ours here in Portland, that might not be such a great idea, because chihuahuas’ ears are especially sensitive to the rain.  Ya learn something new everyContinue reading “The Beebs is Haute!”

Yoga by the Dawn’s Surly Light

As I type this, I have begun my first day of the oil pulling that I wrote about last night.  I am using sesame oil rather than coconut oil, as I am out of the latter….and I am incorrectly doing it after breakfast, because I didn’t realize I would be having breakfast with my yogaContinue reading “Yoga by the Dawn’s Surly Light”

Ever Hear of Oil Pulling?

With all of the fancy new oral care products  that are readily available on today’s market, one may be surprised to learn that a lot of folks are turning to an ancient Ayurvedic oil ritual that can end up giving you  brighter teeth and also  help heal certain gum  problems. Oil pulling used to beContinue reading “Ever Hear of Oil Pulling?”