When someone walks into our  house, it is not uncommon for them to say, “It smells GOOD in here!”  because…well, it does!  I keep the place very clean.  Plus, I have long been a fan of the power of natural scents, and have made sure that my house always smells of fresh flowers or all-natural incense or goodies baking in the oven.  I strongly dislike overpowering, fake, perfume-y scents…but truly do love a soft, gentle aroma.  Lavender is among my favorites.

Since I have been under so much pressure with school this term, I have used a lot of lavender, thanks to my friend, Genie, who sent me a number of essential oil diffusers to try out. The one I like best looks like this one (see below).  See that band of blue light at the top of it?  Users actually have the option to change that to green or pink…or a number of other colors.  It looks so nice in my pretty bedroom.



Scientific evidence suggests that aromatherapy with lavender may slow the activity of the nervous system, improve sleep quality, promote relaxation, and lift mood. I find all of these things to be true.  I find that using lavender oil in my diffuser results in a much- improved sleep quality, a more stable mood in the face of distractions, better concentration, and reduced anxiety.  I have been using NOW brand essential oils that I pick up for a reasonable price at New Seasons, my neighborhood natural foods grocer and am very happy with these.

lavender now

I have also been testing the energizing qualities of orange oil.  In fact, sometimes, I add a few drops of orange oil to the lavender.  The combination is heavenly!  The scent of oranges is said to help reduce the symptoms of depression, and I also find that it has a nice energetic quality, when used alone.  However, when used in combination with the lavender, I go into very deep, dream-filled sleep.  I truly love it.


I have other essential oils on hand, but these two are my favorites.   One thing, though.  I do not let my puppy into the same room as the diffuser when it is going.  Chihuahuas are particularly sensitive to a lot of things, and I don’t want to irritate her skin or eyes.  So far, however, she does really well, once I turn it off, even though the scent does linger.  I conducted some research that says it is perfectly fine to use these two scents around pets.  However, I don’t want to take any chances with her, especially since she is only a year old.

My family and friends all love how my house smells.  It is cozy, neat, relaxing, and a good place to hang out.  I think the essential oils add another layer to all that to make it especially pleasant.