No, I’m not manic depressive….just feeling a little down in the dumps as the crushing weight of these last few weeks of the term rob me of any semblance of rest.  I am sleep deprived, overworked, tired…exhausted, really, and my head is asunder with the multiple tasks that lie before me.  I know the signs of depression, and I know what triggers them, so I also know what to do.

Be Gentle

I know, when I feel this coming on, that I must be gentle with myself.  This involves avoiding stressful situations, television programs, films, books, people and places.  I don’t really drive downtown, for instance, when I feel this coming on.


I have doubled my exercise routine.  I am walking my puppy more and more and more, drinking in the beauty of this city, even when the weather has become wet and gray.  It is still beautiful here, and I still stop to smell the ever-blooming roses.


When I’m feeling down, I turn to those who I know love me….my daughter, my husband, my best friend, my parents.  I am a strong woman, but I let them hold me up with their kindness and I lean on them a little bit when I feel depressed.  Of course, I’m there for them, too, when they need it, so it all evens out in the end.  I think about the people that I love…Maya and Ingrid and Harrison, Katherine and John and Sarah…Nate and William and my other friends…my little puppy, Beatrix……and somehow, this makes me feel better.

Vitamin D.

I up my dosage of Vitamin D and take it with Vitamin C.  My doctor recommended I do this and it really works!


I create something….anything…I bake a cake, create a piece of art…take a photograph…MAKE something creative and constructive.


Staying on Task

There is nothing that can cheer me up more than accomplishing a task.  So…I just try to keep my nose to the grindstone and do what needs to be done, chipping away at this work a little bit at a time. When I get to the end of that last paragraph….that last equation….that last problem, I might be wiped out….but magically, I feel much better.

so……..back to work for me!