Ugh.  I don’t even want to think about this being Monday.  Haven’t had my coffee yet.  Therefore, I will write about the lovely weekend I had…without homework!

Cleaned my house until it sparkled, which is a pleasure for me.  (Do you know anyone else who actually LIKES to clean house?!)  I harvested some figs….so now, I have more figs….and I prepared a nice meal for friends.

We had scallion pancakes, miso soup, a Japanese salad and stuffed vegetable dumplings. (steamed).  The food was good, the conversation was stimulating, and the music that followed was even better!  It was a great evening.  Before it was all over, Sarah dropped Ingrid off for her sleepover, which is always delightful.

Sunday morning, we had a beautiful morning together…a slow breakfast, played a game, read some books and went for a puppy walk with her friend, “Piggy”.  (Her sleep/snuggle toy.)

ings on wall

Very nice.  Her parents stopped by to pick her up and I spent a good deal of the day cooking.  Trying to come up with a recipe for lentil loaf like the kind we had back in the 70’s, but I have yet to perfect it.  Mine was good…but not great.  I did concoct a very nice mushroom sauce, however.  Still working on it.  Overall, had a very good day.  Stopped by to see a couple of friends, had a laugh or two….and now…well….it’s Monday.

This week promises to be killer, in terms of school work.  3 papers and 2 discussion questions in one class, a data analysis, a paper and learning to do advanced ANOVA research designs…factorial, repeated measures, ANCOVA, in the other class….so I’d better knock down some coffee, take puppy for a walk and get crackin’.

I hope all of you have a glorious week!  xoxoings with uke