Feeling good about life….happy, contented…fulfilled….in love.  Smiling a lot.  Tired, because I really DO need this break…but not complaining.  I am quite grateful for the opportunities to do everything that I do in a given day.  I know I am lucky.  I am healthy.  I am strong.  I have a lot going in my favor.  I am at peace.

This is the first day I’ve had off in about two months.  It started off with a delicious phone call, and since,  I’ve not let a moment of the day go to waste, although I am trying to take it easy, as much as I can.  Being sedentary does not come easily to me.  Even when I have to sit at my computer all day working and doing my studies….I’m always hopping up to go for a puppy walk or to do some quick exercise reps or to dance.  Never have been one for sitting still for too long.  Pretty hyper.


I made pumpkin cinnamon rolls with crushed almonds.  They were delicious, but I am such a fan of the plain cinnamon roll.  Think I’ll stick to the old standard recipe next time.

pumpkin cinnamon rolls

I also went for a long walk around the neighborhood with my camera and took the following photos:

These leaves caught my eye.  Loved their contrast and graceful rolls.

striped leaves

The roses here just keep blooming and blooming.  It rained lightly this morning, so drops of moisture were still clinging to the petals of this one, near the end of its life.  They are just so fragrant this year!  Amazing!

last rose

Here is another one.

2last rose

This welcoming neighborhood scenario reminded me so much of my front porch in the Houston Heights.


There was lush, beautiful color everywhere.  This is Portland!  I love my neighborhood.


Another end of season straggler…


Fruit on the tree…


I know this lily was grateful for the drink.

thirsty lily

More color…


I hope your day is as beautiful as my own.