Distance – In my sky at twilight

Our Twilight – Photograph by Stacy Alexander ©2013-14 all rights reserved In my sky at twilight You are like a cloud and your form and color are the way I love them. You are mine, mine with sweet lips and in your life my infinite dreams live. The lamp of my soul dyes your feet,Continue reading “Distance – In my sky at twilight”

Welcome to the Dinner Party Download

One of the luxuries that I afford myself while John is away teaching, is listening to the radio as I fall asleep at night.  I can’t really listen to it during the day because I have to concentrate on school and work, so as a reward in that last hour before I fall asleep, IContinue reading “Welcome to the Dinner Party Download”

When I’m 74

John Lennon would have been 74 today.  I saw him play with the Plastic Ono Band back in the day, at Madison Square Garden.  I saw him play with the Beatles when I was a kid.  I wonder what kind of old man he would have been….not that 74 is old…but what if he hadContinue reading “When I’m 74”