For now, mornings are my favorite time of day.  I got up very early this morning and took little Beatrix for a long walk before the city awoke.  It is great fun for me to watch her explore the world.  Now that she has turned a year old, she is very enthusiastic about life and less afraid than she used to be.  She wants to sniff everything and is so happy to greet passers by.  This little dog has a sweet, gentle nature and is such a comfort to me.  I love how she now knows our route, and how she automatically turns the corner with such confidence.  I love how she bounds up the steps to the house when we return, with such great assurance.

Before our walk, I made myself a big breakfast of fresh bread and honey, a poached egg, some veggie bacon and some hot, spicy hash browns with red peppers.  Don’t know why I woke up as hungry as I did, but I scarfed it right down.  Made the perfect pot of coffee to go with.  I’m always so glad when the coffee turns out just the way I like it.  It is sort of hit or miss with me. John always makes perfect coffee when he is home.  I tend to get it too strong…almost muddy….and he laughs at me about that.

My morning walks are when I think about things….really think about things…about my family, about my best friend…about little Beebs.  I think about what I will do that day…plan, organize my thoughts.  I feel good about life, albeit am very stressed out right now.  I know that this is a temporary state.   This will pass.  I will get through these classes and everything will be fine.

The sky takes on a beautiful blue-gray cast in the early mornings here.  It is as though the sun is sleepy and isn’t ready to wake quite yet.  I recall the contrast from when I lived in Texas and would open the door to that first hot blast of bright sun in the early morning.  Here, everything is gentle.  I have said that about Portland before.  It is a gentle city.  I love it here.

I decided yesterday, to give up my studio.  At this point, it really is just a luxury, and I do not have the time to justify paying the rent.  I spend virtually no time there at all, any more, since I’ve started grad school, and it takes too long to drive there.  I would rather wait until summer and find a studio closer to me or even convert the garage into a studio, if I can.  I will have to talk to John about this and see what he thinks.

Going to hop into the shower now.  It is almost time for the veggie delivery to come and I will spend the next hour processing the food so that it will last longer.  Then, back to the books.  School is quite stressful at this time and I am not getting much sleep….but at the week’s end, I will only have four more to go, so I’m just going to take it a step at a time….