Today is a sunny 73 degrees.  I finally feel caught up on my sleep and have made a decent start to the week’s school tasks.  My yard crew came this morning, which is unusual for October.  I usually have one big end-of-summer cleanup done in mid-September, but this year, it has been uncharacteristically warm and sunny, so all of the plants are still thriving. I had the big hedge trimmed back, the rowdy blackberry bushes cut away, the English ivy topped off and edged, some stepping stones set into the ground and some gravel laid beside the steps to help with water drainage. It was a big job and expensive, too, but everything looks great.  The back/side yard is so pleasant.  John did such a beautiful job on it, and before he left this year, he installed a really nice screen door for me on that side of the house so I can leave the door open now without worrying that Beatrix will escape.

I let the workers help themselves to as many figs as they wanted from my tree.  They seemed very happy, but didn’t take all that many.   What a harvest this year!  I have never seen a tree produce so much fruit!  It has been fun finding and trying out new recipes to use them in.  Fig jam, stuffed figs, fig butter, et al…

This week, I have two papers to write for my leadership class.  I thought this class might be a drag when I first signed up for it, but am learning so much that will help me develop my new business.  The research class is the real challenge.  For most of it, I have no problem at all and really enjoy it.  However,  on those weeks when we have to analyze data sets and apply statistics…ugh.  What a headache!  I just have a natural aversion to it, but am trying to find some artistic value in it.

I told my best friend when he called yesterday that I was really struggling with a problem.  His response, “Channel Einstein!”  He always makes me laugh, and I think the laughter was what cleared my head and helped me finally work that last difficult problem.  I did manage to get though it and finished before the 9 p.m. deadline…but this morning, I discovered we had a whole new concept to learn and even more difficult problems.  I’ll do it….a step at a time.

Meanwhile, I just got back from a walk with Beatrix and think I’ll relax for awhile and try not to push myself as hard this week.