This is a most excellent day in so many ways.  It  began with a phone call, the nature of which I cannot disclose….but with a smile of relief, I got out of bed and went through my morning routine.  I made the bed, cooked myself a good breakfast.  Had coffee.  Chatted with some friends online.  Walked the dog. Had an outstanding talk with a close relative.

And then I started knocking out my final two papers.  I did all of my research during the past week, so today, I begin using that research to compose.  The dataset that I am working with is about eyewitness testimony.  The topics are fascinating and the process of working on these particular papers is, by far, some of the best learning experiences I’ve had in my entire college career.   However…….and this is the “except”…..Just LOOK at that innocent face!


My naughty puppy has suddenly become a BRAT!  I think she has just discovered her own voice, and is using it like never before.  AND she has become HYPER!!!  The good part about this is that I am walking a whole lot more than I was. Since I got her, I’ve taken her on 3 good walks a day.  Now, that has doubled.   When she starts barking and carrying on, I immediately know that the best thing I can do is to simply put her harness on her and take her for a long walk.  This tires her out and makes her sleep for hours.

Beatrix is full grown now, and weighs in at 4.3 pounds.  Everywhere I take her, people remark, “LOOK how TINY she is!”  but I assure you, her voice is NOT tiny!  She has a huge personality.  I can’t imagine what life would be like without her at this point.  She wins hearts wherever she goes, just as my friend assured me she would when he urged me to get a long haired chi.  I’m so glad that I listened.  She lights up my life.