An Incredible Art Concept

An Incredible Art Concept

I am excited to share this with my readers today and hope you will enjoy it as much as I.

Syver Lauritzsen and Eirik Haugen Murvoll came up with the concept for a paint sculpture that tracks the emotions  of people in Oslo through their posts to various social media outlets. Every time an individual tweets that they are happy, angry, sad, thrilled, et al,  a program created by Lauritzsen Murvoll assigns a color to it. As  the video portrays, happy is a pink , anger is black, and  other colors are left undefined. This project serves an interesting purpose and leaves many possibilities for further exploration.

Holton Rower, the artist who uses the paint pouring technique, inspired the format for this particular project.  They tried having each  mood tweet release a color, but also averaged a mood over a period of tweets. According to the artists, latter was more aesthetically pleasing,  because the data was simpler and more easily defined.   However,  the former appeared to be a more accurate representation  of how the city was experiencing emotions. (Via I Heart My Art and Wired)

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