This morning, I saw an add for a type of frosted breakfast square cereal.  The ad showed the unfrosted side and said, “Nutrition on the outside…” and then it had a picture of the other side, which was sprinkled with sugar, and it said, “Party on the other side,” or words to that affect.  Do parents that buy this crap take into consideration the fact that all that sugar pretty much cancels out any nutritional value this stuff has?  Furthermore, the thing that causes the sugar to stick to the cereal is gelatin.  Do they know what gelatin is?!  After a cow or pig is (violently) killed, the leftover bones, skin, connective tissue and hooves are boiled down into a clear, tasteless, jelly like solid.  Yuck.  You want that on your CEREAL?!

bones Even if you eat meat, you can’t pretend that this sounds yummy. It’s disgusting.  Gelatin is usually found in marshmallows, jello, pudding, vitamin/ pill capsules, gummy candies, ice cream, processed meats, yogurt, frosted cereals and much much more.

jello HOW TO AVOID- Avoiding gelatin is as simple as reading labels.