The phenomenon of connectedness is one in which I firmly believe.  However, there are times when I question why certain connections happen.  When this occurs, I have to look deeply into the higher/deeper meanings of it all.

I come into connection with people that I would never dream of hooking up with on *any* level, and when I ask myself why they have come into my life, I can usually find some logical reason.  Sometimes, it is to show me that I am on the right path….to show me ways in which I have changed, or to show me ways in which I should NOT be.

I just have to keep in mind that every action that I take, whether as a consumer, as a friend, a parent, a wife or any other aspect of myself, there is a reaction….a ripple effect that reaches far beyond myself in some way.  Every person that I come into contact with responds to me in some way…even in a conscious decision NOT to respond.  My existence, your existence, everyone’s existence has an affect on every other person’s existence in some way.

I lose my temper just like the next person, and I can be unkind under certain circumstances, just as anyone else can be, especially when I am attacked.   However, anyone who truly knows me will not define me in those negative terms.  I am, by nature, a kind person.  Connectedness is a very powerful thing, when we actually  stop to think about it.

We are all creatures of connection. We are hardwired for it. It is a fundamental human need.  What we do with our connectedness…whether we affect good or bad, good or evil, good or pain…is a major responsibility.

Huge responsibility.  Huge.