Daily Archives: September 16, 2014

A Bountiful Feast



I have been cutting back on personal expenses.  One way in which I am doing that is to spend less on food.  I have set a goal to not spend more than $50 a week on food, and I’m off to a great start.  Today, I received the first of a weekly organic produce delivery from a local service called, Organics to You.  It cost $36, and I received a big box full of organic fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs.   I made myself the lunch pictured above, but it was so much food that I could only eat about 1/4 of it, and it hardly looks like I’ve taken ANYTHING from the box.  It is still brimming with organic goodness!  After this delivery, I know I am not going to have to get a box every week.  I can stretch this food out for two weeks, cutting my food costs in half!

Because the box arrived in time for lunch, I just made a quick, easy meal of organic tomato halves and raw chard tossed in a pear/Champagne vinegar dressing, some field roast with my homemade North Carolina mop sauce (hot and spicy!), some lightly steamed green beans with dried roasted garlic, parsley and sea salt, some carrots candied in just a touch of honey with hot pepper flakes and sea salt, and a sliced nectarine.  Everything is so full-flavored and delicious!

I plan to process everything else that is in the box, just to make it last.  I will make zucchini croquettes and freeze them.  I will make lentil salad and carrot muffins and oven-dried tomatoes.  There are many other vegetables that I will have to come up with recipes for, but I really enjoy doing this.  Should be fun, and I’ll be able to just pop something into the oven and have dinner ready in no time!   Really looking forward to this!

Healthy, low cost food is where it’s at, baby!




The phenomenon of connectedness is one in which I firmly believe.  However, there are times when I question why certain connections happen.  When this occurs, I have to look deeply into the higher/deeper meanings of it all.

I come into connection with people that I would never dream of hooking up with on *any* level, and when I ask myself why they have come into my life, I can usually find some logical reason.  Sometimes, it is to show me that I am on the right path….to show me ways in which I have changed, or to show me ways in which I should NOT be.

I just have to keep in mind that every action that I take, whether as a consumer, as a friend, a parent, a wife or any other aspect of myself, there is a reaction….a ripple effect that reaches far beyond myself in some way.  Every person that I come into contact with responds to me in some way…even in a conscious decision NOT to respond.  My existence, your existence, everyone’s existence has an affect on every other person’s existence in some way.

I lose my temper just like the next person, and I can be unkind under certain circumstances, just as anyone else can be, especially when I am attacked.   However, anyone who truly knows me will not define me in those negative terms.  I am, by nature, a kind person.  Connectedness is a very powerful thing, when we actually  stop to think about it.

We are all creatures of connection. We are hardwired for it. It is a fundamental human need.  What we do with our connectedness…whether we affect good or bad, good or evil, good or pain…is a major responsibility.

Huge responsibility.  Huge.