Last night I sang with a bluegrass group at a little end of summer festival down the street.


I invited a couple of the band members over for breakfast this morning and served up some of my yummy breakfast biscuits.  The whole thing was based on a batch of fresh, homemade buttermilk biscuits.

While the biscuits were baking, I popped an egg per serving into some water to poach.


While the egg poached, I chopped up some crimini and shitaki mushrooms.


I sauteed the mushrooms in olive oil…just a flash in the pan.  Then, I added some mushroom broth and brought the mixture up to a boil.  I immediately turned down the heat to a simmer and added a splash of sherry and left it alone for awhile just to let the whole thing reduce and concentrate the flavors. No thickeners such as flour or corn starch were needed.  The broth mixture slowly reduced and smelled great.


While that action was going on, I chopped some organic Swiss chard and some sweet Hawaiian onion.


I tossed the onion into a light spritz of olive oil and cooked for one minute.  Then, I wilted the chard, just for about 45 seconds.  Doing this retained the vegetable’s rich color and texture, but brought out the flavors beautifully.  (It is imperative to use the freshest organic vegetables you can find in this recipe!)


Next, I tossed some vegetarian sausages (Field Roast) into some North Carolina style mop sauce.  This is a vinegar-based hot sauce, that is smoky,  very light,  very full-flavored and exceptionally spicy.  This sauce is not for the weak of heart!  There are recipes all over the net.  I used a pre-bottled one.  It was good!


To assemble the breakfast biscuit, I cut one golden buttermilk biscuit in half and added homemade aioli.  Then, I piled on the chopped Swiss chard and Hawaiian onion.


I sprinkled the poached egg with a liberal amount of ground roasted garlic, sea salt and dried parsley, as well as a nice shot of fresh ground pepper.  Then I set the egg atop the chard /onion mixture.


By this time, the mushroom sauce had reduced to its delicious final stages, and I heaped the mushrooms on top of the egg, put sausages on the side and served it all up with steaming hot coffee and mimosas made of fresh squeezed OJ and a nice Willamette Valley sparkling wine.


The final production had all the right elements to make it mouthwatering delicious!  The textures were crunchy and creamy.  The flavors were sweet and hot with a little bit of a tart tang.  It was rich and satisfying.  The sausages added just the perfect touch to finish the flavor variety off just as it should. This was a win-win breakfast.

Breakfast biscuit, you complete me!