When our darling friend, Aspasia, was dying of cancer, one of the women that would visit her regularly was Nancy Reynolds Schimmel, a Bay Area singer and songwriter, so we got to hang with her a few times.  Her mother, Malvina Reyolds Schimmel wrote the song featured in this video.  Even as a small child, I related to its lyrics.  As anyone that knows me understands, one of my greatest nightmares is the mere thought of living in the suburbs.  Never wanted to.  Never want to.  ick.  Not my bag at all.

I only discovered this band, Walk Off the Earth, recently, and I fell instantly in love with them.  Now that they have come out with this song, I love them even more.  I have adored this song since I was a little kid, as it exemplifies my quest to break away from the norm and not do what everyone else is doing….oh…and to never live in the suburbs!