Another Beautiful Breakfast

Yesterday, my friend and neighbor, Jeremy, went out mushroom picking.  I felt so grateful when he gave me a heaping helping of these beautiful Chanterells!  They are my favorite kind of mushrooms…subtle and rich at once, and so beautiful to behold! Then, this morning, my organic produce delivery came.  Mind you, these vegetables are theContinue reading “Another Beautiful Breakfast”

Does Meditation Affect Cellular Aging? You bet it does!

This is reason enough for every single person who sees this to meditate.  Really.  EVERYONE can benefit from meditating only 12 minutes a day.  This link goes to an important video:   Here is the transcript from Dr. Michael Greger’s site Transcript: Does Meditation Affect Cellular Aging? In my Research Into Reversing Aging,Continue reading “Does Meditation Affect Cellular Aging? You bet it does!”

Right out of Portlandia!

I bought some eggs online through my organic produce delivery service which will deliver everything tomorrow. What they wrote on the receipt made me laugh and think of a Portlandia episode: “Eggs: One Dozen 1 Eggs: One Dozen Large Grade: From free-roaming range hens, raised by the DeHart family of Cedar Ridge Ranch in nearbyContinue reading “Right out of Portlandia!”