Loss of a Childhood Friend


Sandy was my closest and dearest friend when I was a child.  We drifted apart in high school and never really stayed in touch after that, as our lives took two distinctly different directions.  Even so, I was greatly saddened to learn of her death this morning.  She leaves behind many people that love her.


We used to ride horses together, to swim, go to movies and attend slumber parties with our ‘gang’ of giggling girl friends.  We practiced cutting one each other’s hair, often making big messes of it all.  We discovered the Beatles together and spent countless hours talking about them and listening to their music. 

The first true love of my life was her uncle Billy, and I think I loved him as much as I did because his disposition was so much like hers…gentle and sweet.  Her dad’s was, too.  I really loved these people back then.

So today, I shed a tear for my old friend, even though at the time of her death, I no longer really knew her.  I embrace her family with love and I remember the good times with great fondness.  

So long, Goosie. 

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    • Thank you, Kendall. It is a strange feeling to lose someone with whom one is no longer close. Feels like I am fishing for condolences for myself…but that is not, at all, the case. Just wanted to pay tribute to someone who once meant a lot to me. We had some good times when I was a kid.

      Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.


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