The picture above is the view from the beach house where we will be staying next week as we say goodbye to one of the best summers we have had in years.  We are excited to be going from Sunday until Tuesday.   John, Ingrid and I will be taking little Beatrix to join our friends, Sheryl, Dylan  and Sheryl’s mom, Syd ,  in Manzanita for an end of summer get together.  Soon afterward, John will head back to the Bay Area and I will be ensconced in school and back to my maddeningly busy pace.  I must admit that I do not feel as rested as I had hoped by this time, but maybe I can relax for those two days.   It isn’t likely.

  If anyone needs me, I’ll be the one reading the book.


My classes were uploaded a week early this term, but do not officially begin until the 2nd of September.  However, I have already begun work on my first interesting paper about the unreliable nature of eyewitness testimony and how the brain works in this regard.   I  have also completed two discussion questions which involved a lot of reading and research, so I’m off to a good start and can relax while we’re away.

These two classes are already tough, but they’re interesting and I’m looking forward to the challenge.   My school was just named one of the top online schools in the nation,  and I am feeling happy and satisfied with the education they are providing.

Although we have had  hotter than usual temperatures in Portland over the last month, the mornings are growing cooler now, and the first signs of autumn’s approach have already begun to reveal themselves.  I love autumn.. and after so much summer fun and broiling heat, I am looking forward to the change of pace…and the change of weather.  In fact, many changes are afoot.

Time to hunker down and get busy with fond memories of love and summer fun behind me.

Meanwhile….here is a little Vivaldi (The Four Seasons)  for your listening pleasure.

(This is what I play when I cook breakfast every morning. )  🙂