Napa Valley

Napa Valley


We spent a lot of time in the Napa Valley during our nearly month-long vacation….visiting family, visiting wineries and simply exploring, as is our custom when we go anywhere.  This was a fun-filled vacation, so we are still in shock this morning, after the earthquake, as we learn more and more about the damage and what happened.  As I mentioned in my last post, none of my family members were injured, but they did sustain a lot of property damage.

Anyway….here are some random photos of the trip and our explorations.  As you can see, it is stunningly beautiful there.  Enjoy!


These two gargoyles keep close watch over Castillo di Amarosa!

grape press

This vintage grape press sits on the ground near the castle entrance.


Chain chain chainnnnnnnn!

castle kitty

Dario Sattui’s castle kitty!


Castle Piggies


Relax!  You’re in Calistoga.

sidewalk cafe

Sidewalk cafe in Calistoga


Some Pique Assiette in a bakery window.


These lovely glass pieces were on our table at the Quixote Winery on the Silverado Trail


More Quixote

 gaylon stacy brent

This is my Auntie, my friend, Brent and me (hiding behind my Aunt…at Brent’s fabulous art house in the Santa Cruz mountains.

gaylonand stacy at brents

My Auntie was amazed by Brent’s marvelous abode. Who wouldn’t be?!

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