After ten hours on the road last night, I was exhausted by the time we got home from Northern California.  I was awakened by a message from my Auntie early this morning, however, that has caused my heart to race ever since.  Her beautiful home in Napa was wracked by the earthquake at 3 a.m.  While she and my Uncle lost many material possessions, I was more importantly relieved to hear that neither of them, nor were any of my area relatives injured.  When I spoke to her, they had not located their two cats and two horses, but their dog was ok….and I feel that the other animals are fine and in hiding.

I will do an update with more photos of our journey soon.  Meanwhile, I am filled with gratitude that my relatives were not injured, and send my love and support to those Napa residents and visitors that were not as fortunate.  This is high tourist season there, and there were many, many people staying in the area hotels and b&bs. 

Sending them my thoughts and support at this time.   My husband just walked over and gave me a big hug.  We know how lucky we are.   We were JUST there!