This was a good day…a quiet one, with no visitors, no pressing issues to attend,  and perfectly perfect weather.  I meditated at the far end of the pool for a long time this morning, then stretched out on the diving board and read for hours.  John was nearby with is laptop, working on his class.  One more week here, then a couple of days on the Pacific at the Oregon coast, which I really look forward to….then back to work and school as I head into my final year. 

This afternoon, I decided to make some pasta out of butternut squash that I picked up at the Farmer’s Market the other day.   I was planning to do a Beurre Blanc sauce, but John got hungry before I did, so he made a concoction of different kinds of mushrooms, garlic, and kale with some excellent, aged Parm-Riggiano. It was outstanding, and I was grateful to him, because I truly did feel like being lazy by that time.   I seldom get any rest, and this was much needed.


I took Maddie for a walk and saw a herd of deer just across the road.  They were so beautiful.  One of them had a big rack…huge, actually, and I felt a wee bit threatened, because they were all such big animals, and Maddie and I were standing there out in the open.  That feeling quickly passed, however.   I responded to them respectfully and they responded to me in kind.


I tended the lovely flower gardens in the front of the house, which is something I truly love doing…and I also tended the herb garden on the side of the house, harvesting some rosemary to infuse in some olive oil for cooking. 

It truly was a good day…a little romance in the afternoon…skinny dipping….a wonderful dinner with some world class wine…and now, we’re going to watch a film together…so night all.