Yesterday was supposed to be the last of the heat for this Portland summer.  We decided to take our house guest up to Mt. Hood, where it is nice and cool, to spend the afternoon.  The sky was clear and blue giving us a most stunning view from our table.


After a nice, light lunch of fruit, bread, salad and wine, John delighted his favorite dance partner with a graceful spin to the 1940’s music that was playing.  Ingrid loves to dance and so does John. 

john and ingrid dancing

Even in the heat of summer, there was a little smattering of snow on the peak of the mountain.  Ingrid made it her goal (and life’s passion) to touch the snow. 

mt. hood peak

So, of course, I could not let her down.  Touch the snow she did!

touch snow

I never get tired of the views around Timberline Lodge.  I’ve been there dozens of times, yet each time I go, the snow has formed a new pattern.  There are different combinations of colors.  The atmospheric conditions cause the sky to look some way that is different from the way it looked the last time.  There is simply no getting tired of this place.  It is far more beautiful than photos can convey.


No matter which direction one turns, while there, he or she can witness awesome beauty.


Even the reflection behind the hand-forged wrought iron window detail was beautiful.


Land of the Free – Home of the Grateful (me!) 🙂  I am so thankful to live here!


Ingrid was full of joy….happy, carefree….and so was I.


It was a beautiful day.