republican dress


We had the best day yesterday. Rarely, do John and I  take the time to do absolutely nothing…but we put our work aside and just had fun. Slept late…then woke up and talked for an hour before we actually got out of bed.  THAT was luxurious!    Then, John fixed us a delicious breakfast and brought it to me on a tray…then joined me back in bed.  THAT was luxurious, too!  And wonderful.  (The berries are SO good this year!)

Got the house all shiny and spiffy. Put on some great music. Fixed some good food. We laughed. We danced. We snacked.  We told stories.  We goofed off and played around.  We had a beautiful, fun, romantic day.

My husband is a much better dancer than I. He really puts me to shame, in fact, but we have fun dancing together. Doing it in our living room all day yesterday was great. We listened to all kinds of music. Then, last night, we danced at a club.

Had dinner on the sofa in front of a movie last night. Stayed in with the puppy while the rest of the city went out to watch fireworks. Didn’t want her to be traumatized by the noise.  But it didn’t last very long.  Took a late night walk….a walk  in which we actually WANTED to be together, meaning that neither of us had to tag along to keep the other from misbehaving….. 😉 and we ended up stopping by to listen to some live jazz, dancing and having a nightcap.

Life is good….if one motes it be.