Bomb those Clothes…with poetry.



I have long been a fan of leaving art-related items behind for others to find.  Poetry bombing is one of those things that really appeals to me for that reason.   When you think about it, places and objects are alive.  We “will” them alive in our minds and imaginations.   These things  tell our stories.

poetry clothing

Sewing poems in clothes as this artist does, is giving the garments a voice.  The act places us  in relation — with others, with things, with the world. This being-in-relation, is a way of perceiving, a mode of moving, a narrative of global truths designed by cultural fictions.  Each poem sewn into an article of clothing will travel.  It will effect someone else’s  life.   It will matter … and cause a slight change in what would have transpired, had it not been there.  Sewing poems in clothes is a way of bringing poetry to everyday life just by displacing it, by removing it from a paper to integrate it and fuse it with other people’s  lives.

Sometimes little details are stronger when they are separated from where they are expected to be.

pick poem


Don’t worry.


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