It’s a Crazy World! Loco Weed Vs. Chinese Fortune Cookies

This morning, my friend, Diane, complained that she was unable to get decent Chinese food delivered to her house in Puyallup, Washington, but that she had the option, if she so desired,  to have marijuana and related products delivered without problem.    I checked out the link that she posted and this appears to be true. Continue reading “It’s a Crazy World! Loco Weed Vs. Chinese Fortune Cookies”

Folded Light and Shadows by Yuko Nishimura

I have long been fascinated by the variety of works that can be accomplished through folding paper.  My friend, Arlene Elizabeth, for instance, makes giant representational works from tiny origami cranes.  I have her portrait of the Daili Lama hanging here in my office. Japanese artist Yuko Nishimura takes things to another level by  transformingContinue reading “Folded Light and Shadows by Yuko Nishimura”