Inspired by the delicious scones at Lauretta Jean’s, an awesome bakery down the street, I  got up early this morning and made these for my husband.



It drives me up the wall that the woman in the video keeps calling these “scons” rather than “scones”…but whatever. This recipe is fast, easy and delicious. It is really hard to screw this one up. I make these in all kinds of flavors, but the cinnamon roll ones, I believe, are the best.

Instead of white flour, however, I use Bob’s Red Mill whole grain oat flour, and I use far less sugar than this woman uses…and I do not use processed white sugar at all. I use date sugar or coconut sugar or turbanado sugar.  I usually don’t even keep sugar in the house….Same deal with butter…but when I make these, I gotta have it.

Sometimes, I make a fruit compote to fill the center…blueberry, marionberry, raspberry. Sometimes, I do an orange marmalade or a lemon curd with lots of zest, and those are good, too…but there is something comforting about the smell of fresh cinnamon scones baking in the oven. Makes the house smell good all day long.