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Today, I am officially tracker-free on this blog.   I used to spend a great deal of time and energy checking to see who was reading it and that developed into a nasty, non-productive occupation of my time.  This blog isn’t even “moneytized”  like some of my other blogs, so why bother?   I have released the bonds that held me here longer than I should have been, by removing all counters, tracking software and other devices used for that purpose.  I will, instead, apply that energy toward making more money, more art and other more constructive endeavors.  Not checking has already saved me about an hour this morning.  It is working already.                      Rene Best musician

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  1. Actually, stats can be misleading. Your posts seen/read from the WordPress reader will not be not be reflected in your visitors count.

    1. Until now, I have been a Beta tester for a software developer that developed a tracking software that not only strips away any proxy information and displays actual hits in real time, but also included location coordinates that identified the exact locations of individuals that were hitting on my blog, right down to the very buildings that they were in. This was something he developed for the US government, but that I have been testing here on my blog for a few years now. It works very, very well, but is quite addictive. Albeit enlightening, I spent way too much time checking it, until it became a full-time-life-sucker for me and kept me from doing other more productive things. I recently made the decision to remove all tracking devices simply to free myself from the temptation to look all the time. In retrospect, all that time was completely wasted. I am reordering my priorities. I really feel that it frees me to do other things that are more important.

  2. I was confused how it could possibly eat an hour a day, until I read your response to Sparkonit. I can see how that kind of spy-style software would be addicting! I spend an hour or more a day visiting blogs to build my community, but that always seems fun and interesting. I do it while I’m listening to an audio book, as well, so I feel like I accomplish a lot in that hour or so! 🙂
    I’m glad you’re enjoying your freedom! Write on!

    1. Thanks, Shawn. I have reexamined my online time, in general, and am trying to economize it toward being more productive. I am a professional writer and I use this blog to store my samples. When a client wants to read about something that I have written on a specific topic, I can supply a quick link. For a couple of years, another issue introduced itself (long story) that caused me to get off track and become more interested in who was reading my blog than I was in producing interesting content for my clients. All that has changed now. Since I removed the software, I feel more at ease…and frankly, I don’t care who reads my blog now. If a client likes what I write, he or she will let me know by hiring me, assigning me a great project and by paying me well. 🙂

      Thanks a lot for stopping by today, and for your comment.


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