Can’t Stand It!

As soon as I dropped John off at the airport, I regretted not going with him, so off I go to San Diego….for at least a night…perhaps two. The thought of missing out on the fun? Can’t stand it!

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    1. I would answer in the affirmative, but I’ve been so swamped that I’ve not really had time to take a break yet. Big client just rolled in, and while I truly do want to take a break from work, the money is er…needed… now more than ever…not so much for me, but for someone else.

      Went through a bad scare with some personal stuff over the last week, but all is good now. Close to perfection, really. Just have to batten down the hatches, so to speak. Will tell you all about it when I see you.

      Missed my plane this morning, which didn’t help matters any. Cried my eyes out, but I’m smiling again and feel great, albeit tired. Lost some sleep but have bounced back. Now that I know all is well, things are going smoothly.

      ‘Did you click on that link about John’s convention? Man, he is psyched! I’m so happy for him. He feels confident that this will be the big break that he needs. I’m anxious to try out a little bit of that aforementioned freedom, if I can get this big job rolled out.

      I have Ings tomorrow and we’ll do something fun, for sure. John set up a little wading pool for her and the weather is supposed to be pretty, so we’ll probably swim and then go to the park or something. I swear…this is the most GORGEOUS city this time of year. Makes me feel very happy to be here, and I wish I didn’t have to travel at all this summer.

      When are *you* coming up here?

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