We started off the day yesterday, by attending 4 year old Ingrid’s ballet recital.   It was delightful.  This child is such a loving little girl, one of the most intelligent children I have ever met, and so much fun to be with.  I have a heavy heart right now, and find that by concentrating my energy and my focus on her, I can cope a little better.

After her recital, 9 of us met for brunch at Toast, a small breakfast restaurant that serves gourmet, locally grown, sustainable foods that are out of this world!  Everyone there was so nice, and the conversation was lively, but I am not myself right now, because something really bad happened a few days ago, so I was sort of quiet, but it was enjoyable being surrounded by such nice friends.

The real break came when we went took Ingrid to an organic farm over on Sauvie Island.   Spending time outdoors doing physical labor was exactly what I needed.  There were all kinds of animals there, including this brown, other-worldly looking sheep.

brown sheep

Ingrid got a kick out of feeding the goats.

ingrid goat feeding

There was a little store that featured some of the produce from the farm, as well as products that they make such as jams, wine, candy and this funny welded sculpture.

metal guitarist sculpture

Ingrid took a ride on the cow train.

Ingrid Einstein cow train

Then we grabbed our designated buckets and headed to the strawberry fields. (forever)

Ingrid skipping


The strawberries were ripe, sweet and ready to pick!   We filled our buckets and had fun in the process, singing and laughing and telling corny jokes.  My husband started feeling weak, so headed back to the barn/store before Ingrid and I did.   His health is steadily declining, so we are trying to get in as many good times with Ingrid as we can right now.

john walking with bucket

Buddha stood guard over us as we picked.  Between the three of us, we accrued a nice little strawberry bounty!


Pig poop anyone?

pig poop

John considered some projects to work on with Ingrid.  The man can build virtually anything.


We had a great (long) day at the farm.  Bought a lot of fresh, organic produce and had a feast at home last night. We had strawberry shortcake for dessert, of course, and today, I made a pot of delicious mushroom barley soup to go along with the cold, rainy day that we had.  Served that up with some delicious kalamata olive bread and we were set to go.


More soon.