Taking a break to write this as respite for feeling as overwhelmed as I do right now.  Final week of the term and I am up to my nose in school work, work-work and a trip at the end of the week….if it all works out. (REALLY looking forward to the latter…but it has been on-again/off-again…and today, it is on-again.)   I’m not feeling very functional, just from the sheer exhaustion, but I guess I’m functioning just fine.   I finished up work for my Ethics Code class yesterday.  Knocked it out in one day.  I wrote and wrote and wrote about the ethical aspects of using electronic technology in psychological services.  Today, I am writing an article for a major manufacturing company and working on the first of two discussions in my Cognitive Science class.   One is due Thursday and the other is due Friday, so I have to knock all this out very quickly so I can pack my suitcase and go away for a few days toward the week’s end.  🙂   Upon my return, I shall be going into my studio, at long last!  yay!  Am finally going to tackle that long-awaited guitar installation.

Have been working on my C&W song that I started in the Berklee College of Music songwriting course ..  Also have begun teaching myself Algebra….brushing up, after so many years, as I have to take a most-dreaded Scientific Research, II. class in the fall, so I’m really not getting the break that I thought I was, but at least I will get to travel a bit.  Baby steps toward these goals…but at least I’m stepping in a definite direction.

Too tired to write any more…and must return to the tasks at hand….  ugh.  Coffee.  I. Need. Coffee.