If there is one outstanding characteristic of my marriage with John, it is our ability to plan and execute affordable house projects together that allow us to be creative, have fun and that also result in some pretty nice, affordable looks.

What follows is documentation of how we put some pavers from the curb to the sidewalk, framed some trees, added turf and some Mexican river stones to create our own little landscaping detail.  This first picture is NOT our place, but one that we used to sketch in what we wanted to do.  The subsequent photos ARE our place.  The area that we refined was one big muddy, ugly strip right beside the street.


Unfortunately, I did not get a shot of the area before John had trimmed it out with wood, but take my word for the fact that it was nothing more than an ugly, messy mud pit!  It began to look better immediately, as soon as the wood frames went down.


The pictures show a progressive story about how the project transformed the front of the house.  It isn’t quite finished yet, but we love it!  yard2yard3yard4yard5 weed clothyard6 rocks1yard9

Still need to add paver sand between the pavers and do some finishing touches, but for the most part, the project is finished.  It looks 212% better!  So happy!