Nature in the Making – by Agnes Hauptli and Stacey Harvey-Brown


I was recently contacted by my friend in New Zealand, Dhaj Sumner, who informed me of an upcoming exhibition in my neck of the woods that I am quite excited about.  This one has appeal for nature lovers and art lovers alike.

Coming up next month, the Nature in the Making exhibition of incredible hand woven art will feature interpretations of naturally-formed landscapes and geological forms as seen through the eyes of  UK weaver Stacey Harvey-Brown and fellow-weaver, Agnes Hauptli, from  New Zealand.  Featured  in the B2 Fine Art Gallery in Tacoma, Washington, the exhibit will run from   June 19 through July 25, 2014.

Easily accessible from Portland and Seattle, the exhibit will be the Pacific Northwest’s opportunity to witness a truly remarkable display of woven and pictorial canyons, caverns and stalactites via the artists’ unique 3-D weaving techniques and photographic images.


The work is the two weavers’ specific responses to  the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyons in Arizona, as well as the various cave systems under the Blue Ridge and Shenandoah Mountain ranges in Virginia, where they have met every two years since 2010.  Visitors can witness the woven details of undulating stratum and majestic mountains  in artistic stories told as no one else has ever portrayed them.


Agnes Hauptli uses a computer-assisted jacquard loom to create stunning  colored panels.




Stacey Harvey-Brown uses a shaft loom to create highly textured three-dimensional growth forms installations and large, off-the-wall Strata Wall pieces.



Please tell your friends about this one.  The exhibition is a must-see for art lovers across the PNW!



Agnes is an award-winning, self taught weaver who first  began her artistic weaving endeavors with  a rigid heddle loom in 1992.   She has been in love with the craft of weaving ever since.



Stacy Harvey-Brown’s book, Woven Shibori for Textural Effects: How You Can Weave Waves, Sand Ripples, Volcanoes and Mountains on a Shaft Loom,  can be found  HERE on  She can be seen in this interesting video about the Jacquard loom:


I sincerely hope that my PNW-area readers will show up at the exhibit and give these two remarkable artists your welcoming support.  This is an installation you will not want to miss!



THU JUNE 19 2014 :: 5PM-8PM

SAT JUNE 21 2014 :: 5PM-8PM

Complex Weavers Conference Attendees & Friends
SUN JUNE 29 2014 :: 8PM-10PM





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6 thoughts on “Nature in the Making – by Agnes Hauptli and Stacey Harvey-Brown

    1. um…no. It isn’t my exhibit. I have had many exhibits of my own work, but am currently taking a break while I finish my masters. This is the work of two women, one from New Zealand and one from the UK. 🙂

      Good to hear from you! xoxo

  1. Great article Stacy, you have captured the essence of these 2 remarkable women’s work so well. Wish I could be there to see it in your part of the world. Dhaj.

    1. You’re welcome, Stacey. I truly look forward to meeting you both. Will try to get there in time to help you hand the show. (I have lots of experience.) If not, I will see you on another of the dates you’ll be there. My schedule is a little dodgy right now, as you are arriving just as my term ends, so it all depends on when I complete my finals.

      Safe travels!

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