Like a Well-Oiled Machine…

If there is one outstanding characteristic of my marriage with John, it is our ability to plan and execute affordable house projects together that allow us to be creative, have fun and that also result in some pretty nice, affordable looks. What follows is documentation of how we put some pavers from the curb toContinue reading “Like a Well-Oiled Machine…”

Congratulations, Maya!

This is our lovely granddaughter, Maya Moreno Craig Cochran, in the cobalt blue haute couture, 😉  and one of her beautiful friends, on prom night.  Feeling lots of love for our sweet granddaughter as she approaches her high school graduation in the next couple of weeks.  She is smart, funny….. so “together”.  We couldn’t beContinue reading “Congratulations, Maya!”

Frozen Treats for Hot Summer Days

Ingrid loves her summer popsicles, so I have equipped myself with some good recipes.   I like to experiment with various juice, fruit, vegetable and other flavor combos, such as chocolate or vanilla…or lavender….although we don’t let Ingrid have chocolate.  Sometimes the pops turn out well and sometimes they don’t.  Here are a few of theContinue reading “Frozen Treats for Hot Summer Days”