One more to add to my shopping post! HUGE BARGAINS!!!!!



The other day, I made a post about how to find great deals online.  I have one more to add to the list.  This one is Thredup.  Yesterday, i purchased $750 worth of gently used clothing for my daughters , including an entire summer wardrobe for 4 yr. old Ingrid….and got myself some fantastic bargains, saving more than $678!!  Really!  Great clothing for next to nothing!  They have a section of designer-only clothing, new with tags, kids clothes, bags, shoes and more.  This is a fantastic resource!  I’m loving it!

If you use this link, you can get a $10 credit, too!


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3 thoughts on “One more to add to my shopping post! HUGE BARGAINS!!!!!

  1. Ok..I don’t really shop..but I love bargains and this could be fun.Trying to get to my pre marriage weight, need some stuff for a trip my adopted sister wants to take me on to south America.ill kinda limp along lol. Not a cure for a broken heart..but helps to keep life fresh.
    How’s that puppy?
    Oh hey..iI wanna do a pinterest board based on friends favourite wardrobe bits. have some cool stuff.
    My Pinterest is now recommended for new ppinners.wish I could get paid for this.

    1. Michele! You can’t tell me you are suffering a heartbreak over that scrawny, balding gnome! Jeeze! Get over it. He jumped from a beautiful, talented and smart woman to a vacuous, ugly idiot…and why? He found someone else to foot his bills! Have a blast in South America! Buy a whole new wardrobe! Find a lover while you’re down there. Kick up your heels and dance! Dope will be back here in the states making up obnoxious fantasy Tweets about her non-existent blissful relationship with a man that cheats on her. lol! I wonder if she thinks we still read those? (I’ve read better writing in Bazooka gum comics.)

      The puppy is great, only she is extremely difficult to walk. At just over 4 pounds, even the tiniest harness is too large for her. She hates sidewalks…I guess she hates the feel of the cement under her feet, so she keeps going over to the grass, rolling over on her back and planting herself there. She will walk about half a block and then refuse to go any further, so I usually have to pick her up and carry her.

      I have some great pins on Pinterest, but I do little more than pin stuff. I seldom spend time there.

      1. Puppies have what we used to call pink bubblegum feet. They are sensitive..but they’ll roughen up.yea..I like Rollin in the grass too.i finally have some.i did forget what a pain it is to cut. ; p

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