My friend and I are both fans of Trader Joe’s, and at times, we chat about our favorites during our phone conversations.  I don’t eat a lot of dairy products, but today I woke up and was hungry for some cheezy goodness, so I thought I’d whip up some of my Texas eggs.  This is an easy breakfast dish for a hearty appetite.  I certainly won’t be kissing anyone today….but the eggs were great.


I started things off by chopping 1/8th of an onion, a BIG jalapeno, 2 cloves of garlic and an organic tomato which I lightly cooked in some olive oil.  Added a little sea salt and pepper.

While all that was cooking, I tossed in an organic corn tortilla.

ImageNext, came the veggie sausage.  I like Gimme Lean brand.

ImageAfter the sausage, came two cage-free eggs from New Seasons.


I let them cook for a minute and then scrambled them with the veggies.


Next, I added a handful of super-sharp, aged cheddar cheese.


I cooked the mixture over low heat until the cheese had melted.  Then, I added some of my favorite salsa.  This is Trader Joe’s roasted tomatillo sauce.  It has heat, but also has an incredibly distinct, fresh flavor without being cloyingly salty, as are many prepared salsas.

  picture 8 hot sauce

I mixed the salsa all around and simmered it in to distribute the flavor throughout the eggs.

Next, I loaded the mixture on top of the corn tortilla and added some fresh, chopped avocado.  Mmm!

picture 9 avocado

I added a little freshly ground black pepper and fresh squeezed lime juice to the avocado.

Ta daaaaaaaaa!

picture 10 - finished eggs