I Just Want to Say…..


I just want to say that I am feeling very, VERY happy these days.


My school term is going very well.  Just entering week 2, studying cognitive psychology and ethics.  Very exciting work…lots of new breakthroughs and things to be enthusiastic about.  I am maintaining my straight-A grades, but this will possibly change when I have to tackle that difficult stat class in the next couple of terms.  Math is a real challenge for me.  I am prepared to meet it and to do the best I can, but I’ll be surprised if I get an A.

As things stand right now, I’m smiling a lot.  I am singing.  Whistling.  Humming.  Dancing, and expressing my happiness in all kinds of ways.  I wish I were at liberty to give more details…but alas.  I am not.





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Stacy Alexander - mixed media artist and founder of Arte Alterado and Stacy Alexander's Silverthorn Studios. Mother of one daughter. Grandmother to Maya, Ingrid and Harry.

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