Kiera Brinkley – A True Inspiration

I just got back from a quickie trip out of town and am getting ready to do a singing gig tonight at a private event.  However, I am so excited about this dancing duo that I just learned about, that I had to make this post before I leave.   This is Kiera Brinkley and herContinue reading “Kiera Brinkley – A True Inspiration”

One more to add to my shopping post! HUGE BARGAINS!!!!!

  The other day, I made a post about how to find great deals online.  I have one more to add to the list.  This one is Thredup.  Yesterday, i purchased $750 worth of gently used clothing for my daughters , including an entire summer wardrobe for 4 yr. old Ingrid….and got myself some fantasticContinue reading “One more to add to my shopping post! HUGE BARGAINS!!!!!”

Working Artistically With What You Have

  As an artist, I often find that the materials that I work with dictate the work’s overall composition and how it turns out.  I work with found objects a lot,  and try to follow their natural contours and shapes to create works of art that reflect the media’s natural properties. This is how itContinue reading “Working Artistically With What You Have”

Obamaprayer – Is the “No Prayer in Schools” Law Really His Fault?

    America is a nation that consists of individuals from many different religions.  For instance, there are many thousands of Christians. According to the 2011 Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches, from which members in the United States are combined with Canadian members, and of the National Council of Churches, the five largest denominationsContinue reading “Obamaprayer – Is the “No Prayer in Schools” Law Really His Fault?”