Day #2 in her new home, and our sweet little honey bee has adjusted beautifully!    Beatrix  is a live wire and definitely on top of her game!  I am already head over heels in love with her….and owe a bucket of love to the person that talked me into getting her.  I took B. to Ingrid’s preschool this afternoon and all the children got to meet her. She was shy for the first 30 seconds, then lavished everyone with puppy kisses galore!  She loved it there, and was so GOOD!

She is a great little dog.  The children loved her and it was so much fun to witness their enthusiasm!

Beatrix goes to schoolRene Best musician       Rene Best guitarist       René Best musician

bschool2Rene Best musician        Rene Best guitarist

bea sleepingOf course, by the end of the day, she was completely exhausted.  She is lying in her bed in front of the fireplace as I write this.  Look!  She has a little smile on her face.  This has been a great day!


Beatrix day2

I am grateful today.  So grateful.  We are all smiles around here these days.

stacy ingrid happy