Hack hack. Cough cough.

My blog was hacked last night.  I opened it to find a lovely array of crap that I would never have put on my blog in a million years.  All seems to be well now, I think.  I have just spent the last hour trying to figure it out.  NOW, I am going to go outside and enjoy this beautiful Portland day.  I finished my 41-page paper and I feel like I’ve just been released from prison.  Of course, tomorrow, I have a test, and I have one more major project in the week to come….THEN, the term will be over, and I’ll have a bit of a break.  Can I get an amen?!


Here’s something fun for my hacker to watch.  Maybe learn a thing or two…

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One thought on “Hack hack. Cough cough.

  1. Oh No! I hate to hear about this and hope not too much damage. I have been going to the library since October and am so glad not to have to deal with crashes and viruses… Smiles, Robin

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