I have never been a big fan of photorealism. If I want to see real life, I will look at real life.  Mind you, *I* can’t paint realistically…but I don’t want to.  While I strongly appreciate the skill that it takes to paint realistically,  I  look at art to find the greater meaning…the humor…the sadness…the message…and I have always found photorealism to be off-putting, unless it was on some huge scale that made a statement by virtue of its size, or something like that.  It is rendered using specific techniques sort of like mechanical drafting that I find dry and boring, in many cases, but not always.  The art of Cesar Santander is one of the exceptions.  His work amazes me.  It is bold and vibrant and has a “greater than life” quality.  I love all of the tiny details…the sugar falling off of the doughnuts…the scratches on the old tin box, the reflection of the light on the crayons, et al.

Enjoy the work of Cesar Santander, and visit his website at:  http://www.cesarsantander.com/ 



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