How Strong is Your Intuition? (or Trust Your Inner Banana.)


The lesson lies in learning
And by teaching  I’ll be taught
For there’s nothing hidden anywhere
It’s all there to be sought 



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Part of becoming stronger spiritually involves learning to trust your gut.

When all the signs are there, what you suspect is going on, probably is.    musician

 Never second guess what your intuition tells you.  Quiet yourself.   Look deeply  within the inner recesses of your heart and know.  Trust yourself.  While intuition may seem to arise from some mysterious inner source, it’s actually one form of human unconscious reasoning—one that is well-rooted in the way our brains collect and store information. 

As humans begin to accumulate knowledge, whether it is about the person with whom we live,  or about how to accomplish a task or how to impress someone to hire us for a job, we begin to recognize patterns.   This is true for virtually everything that we do.  The brain unconsciously organizes these patterns into individual blocks of information.  This is a process that Herbert Simon, PhD, a famous social scientist, refers to as  “chunking”.   Over time the  brain chunks and links  to more and more patterns, then stores them as clusters of information  in one’s long-term memory.   This can be tested when we detect a tiny detail of a familiar design.  We instantly recognize the larger composition—and that’s what we regard as a flash of intuition.   Trust that intuition, regardless of what you are being told.  Our brain circuitry evolved in this way so that we, as humans, can evaluate a situation quickly.  It is our “fight or flight” instinct.

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 Let your instincts guide you, for example, when you are trying to decide if you are being lied to.   Despite what self-help books  and television psychics may tell you, “There are no easily detectable signs that indicate lying, so even if you’re adept at reading people, you can’t infer dishonesty based on the other person’s gestures or behavior,” says David Myers, PhD, author of Intuition: Its Powers and Perils.  Sometimes, you just have to put all the pieces together and trust your gut.   

 Often liars use tactics that are designed to cause people to lose their intuitive senses.  For instance, I have a friend whose partner is having an affair, and who lies to her continually.  She knows, in her gut, that it is happening, but he adamantly denies it, causing her to feel crazy, telling her that she “has issues”.   Upon occasion, she may angrily confront him, but when she does, he will raise his voice, get right into her face and intimidate her to the point that she loses her intuitive knowledge and begins to doubt herself.


My friend’s  clever partner   disparages his secret lover to my friend.  He tells her  that he is being pursued by this “crazy woman”who is madly in love with him…. then turns around and  apologetically conveys this message to the secret lover with the explanation that his partner is  “crazy” and “dangerous” and that he just HAS to tell her SOMETHING.   He works both sides at once, and by virtue of his manipulation, maintains the affection of both parties.  The lover is always told that he is on the verge of leaving the partner.    The partner is being cajoled into believing that he plans to stay with her forever.  Truth is, this guy is a skirt chaser that is always on the prowl for the “better deal” and chances are, he’ll end up leaving them both in the dust eventually.

In her heart (and gut) the partner knows he is lying to her, but he will not even allow  her to get the words out of her mouth before he starts to yell at her angrily.    She has even insisted that he engage in a 3-way conference call with the lover, herself and her partner or make some kind of public denouncement, but he always comes up with an excuse not to do it, or will make a half-assed effort after warning the lover first that it is about to happen.  Why is that?  She wants him to send his lover a text to say that he doesn’t want to hear from her again, but, of course, he calls her first to warn her.  She wants him to post something online, but, of course he refuses.  She should examine this carefully!  What is he afraid of??



My friend should trust her gut.  Her partner  blames all kinds of external forces  and evil spirits for the discrepancies that his partner observes, but he NEVER accepts responsibility for his own actions.    Just as he calculates that it will,  his lying and manipulation  weaken my friend, K, on many levels, the worst of which is to rob her of her intuitive powers.  In fact, these repetitive patterns   render her into a state of pathetic helplessness, just as her partner hopes they will.

At the end of the day, she does intuitively know what is going on.  She can sense it and feel it in her gut, but she stays, because SHE is weak.  She has been worn down by the dishonesty of it all.


Remember, when all of the signs are there, and in your gut, you KNOW that things are not as they are being represented, do not allow yourself to be  manipulated into believing something quite the opposite of what you know in your heart and mind, is the truth.   No matter how many times he swears it is a cucumber, the object in the picture above is a banana.

Trust your inner banana.




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10 thoughts on “How Strong is Your Intuition? (or Trust Your Inner Banana.)

  1. This was both enjoyable and informative…as good writing should be. I tend to second guess my intuition but after reading your post I’m going to pay more attention to mu intuition and give it the respect it deserves. Thanks, Stacey 🙂

  2. Yea..with alot of history you know when someone is lying and yes it does end up being you who is told they are the crazy person. Sometimes women love too much and want to believe.
    Eventually your friend will get it, and realize you can love a person to death…but you can’t fight for a man. Or a woman. You can still love them, but you have to just let it go.The trust and commitment is gone..that’s not marriage.It’s probably not her, but it doesn’t matter.That phase is done.

    1. I agree 100%. BTW, this post is over a year old. I have no idea why it showed up in this slot…but whatevah. Well, of course we WANT to believe, but we’re all adults. Just don’t become so dependent on someone that you stay in an intolerable situation…or, as John Fullbright sings, “Tell me what’s so bad about happy…” Always choose happy, I say.

  3. I chose happy. Right now i’m very happy with me.Learning how to be content with yourself is important.Some of the things i do haven’t changed much.i still eat, hang with friends, take photos, play with the crazy old dogs.i watch a movie when i iron..its just my stuff.And there are things i couldn’t do when i was depressed, but i’m getting back into.Forcing myself to do spring cleaning because i know its just me and i sometimes slack off.Now..if i can commit to that knee thing…

    1. Choosing happy is always the right choice. That’s what I choose. I have a dear friend , however, who chooses miserable, out of a sense of fear and trepidation. Can’t talk about it here, but I’ve mentioned it to you privately. It’s still going on and she is nuttier than ever.

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