Remedies for an Upset Tummy

Home Remedies to Fix that Upset Tummy: When it comes to minor ailments,  I go for natural remedies over pharmaceuticals.  This is typical for someone living in Portland.  A lot of people here lean toward the natural remedies first.   However,   I always consult with my doctor if it is anything meds-worthy.   IContinue reading “Remedies for an Upset Tummy”

How Strong is Your Intuition? (or Trust Your Inner Banana.)

  The lesson lies in learning And by teaching  I’ll be taught For there’s nothing hidden anywhere It’s all there to be sought      Part of becoming stronger spiritually involves learning to trust your gut. When all the signs are there, what you suspect is going on, probably is.    musician  Never second guessContinue reading “How Strong is Your Intuition? (or Trust Your Inner Banana.)”