Meet Beatrix….or  (“Bee” as she shall be fondly called), (or, as our grandchild calls her, “Honey Bee”) the newest member of our family.  She is 15 weeks old, and will be coming to live with us this weekend.  It was a long, arduous search to find the perfect little puppy, but alas.  The search is over!  She is a lavender, dark chocolate and white long coat chihuahua.

Oh, and check out her English Tudor style house!  Isn’t this a scream?!


My friend, Sylvia, wanted me to name her, “Puddles”…but nooooo!   No way!    There shall be no puddles in my abode!  Bee is already litter box trained (like a cat!)  and already knows an entire list of commands, such as:  sit, stay…come.    She is VERY smart….like her mama! 🙂

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!   Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Oh….and don’t worry.  She might be a sweet little honey Bee…but I will not be dressing her up in costumes!


The whole notion of getting a long haired chihuahua started with these two cuties, Frieda and SweetiePie


sweetie pie and frida

These dogs belong to my sweet friend, Genie Webster, who is the ultimate  furbaby mama!

genie and sweetiepie

My ears have been filled with stories about Genie’s two adorable pups, both of whom are part-chihuahua.  My friend kept telling me, “There is no greater dog than the long haired chihuahua. I think you should get one!”  …..and so I did!   You should SEE all of the equipment I got for her!  Baby gates and playpens and toys and beds and blankets and food and snacks and on and on..  I can’t wait to get her home!  Ingrid is going to love her!


stacy and puppy