20140108-155949.jpg‘Twas a rainy day  in Portland today.  I thought that since it was raining and the middle of the week, not many people would be out grocery shopping.  I was wrong!  Seemed like everyone was there today…the whole city!   But with produce this beautiful, who can complain?




I bought a lot of fruits and vegetables, and some ginger, which I put into all my juices, and I came home, fired up the Breville juicer and went to town!



I must say, this was a nice diversion from writing about home repairs in Bethesda, MD. or working on my statistics homework, or writing that paper that is due soon about personality theory.  I love the whirring sound the juicer makes and I love the deep, rich, green color of the juice as it comes out of the spout!  This WAS an excellent day for juicing!

René Best guitarist

20140108-160036.jpgAnd this juice was DELICIOUS!!