I have just returned from a long walk with John.   He is leaving for the Bay Area soon, where he will spend the majority of the winter.  We are both feeling a little sad on on edge because of this today, but we talked about it, and we’re both really looking forward to our prospective occupation of time apart as well.  That is how it is with us.  I may choke back the tears, but have to admit that we do not have to be together to still enjoy one another and share what we are doing.  We are always together…regardless of any physical distance between us.


When he gets back to  San Francisco, he will be starting a new play and trying to further shop the 3 plays that he has completed, to try for a production deal.  They are good plays, so we are both confident that it is only a matter of time until one gets produced.  He will also be teaching an Introduction to Literature class and an International Film course.


I will be taking a Theories of Personality class from Southern New Hampshire University, and a  Advanced Research Methods class that involves stat, so have enrolled in an advanced stat course from WEI, a great free resource.  On the 17th, I will resume my songwriting course from Berklee College of Music, and in March, John and I will be taking a Buddhist Meditation and the Modern World course together from Coursera.  In addition to this, I vow to go to my studio twice a week, at the very least, and to go to the gym at least four times.  If I go three I will be happy.  If I go twice, I will still be happy.    I guess it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy.


The trip we took together recently instilled a wealth of experience in both of us and we are looking at life through new lenses now.   Memories were made.  On our way home, we stayed in  Tucson at the home of a woman who wants to work with me in the future and I take pride in having amassed such a dynamic group of women with whom to work, on down the line once I finish up my masters.

ImageSuffice it to say, there are plans in the works…good, fulfilling plans.  Life looks better all the time.

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  1. These natural artworks are such wonderful and lovely views! I am feeling sadness for you, in parting and distance, from John. Take care and I enjoyed this post! Robin

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