Leaving  this time, was more than difficult.  I was freaking out as we drove West, very sad and shaken about having left.   When we reached Arizona, I asked John to pull the car over, because I simply could no longer hold back  the tears.   I dashed out of the car and into the Phoenix Botanical Gardens.  I had to run, just to burn off some of the oppressive, throat-choking  energy that had enveloped me with each mile we had, up to that point,  driven away from Texas. My heart was saying, “NOOoooooooo!!!!!” It was so difficult  to say goodbye.

I dashed down the winding paths sobbing my eyes out with all the angst of a dramatic teenager,  when I looked up and found myself inside a magical outdoor pavilion.   Much to my amazement, there were dozens of beautiful, rustic tin stars hanging from the ceiling, the ultimate symbolism.   Stars, for me, are a significant sign from the universe, and given what had just transpired i, I was utterly amazed that I had found these particular ones  like this.   There I was, surrounded by then, in one of the most beautiful settings imaginable. Maybe the universe was telling me to dry my tears and wait….hold on..just a little bit longer?

A feeling of peace came over me at that point, and I knew everything would be alright….and it was.  Thank God for cell phones.

I just walked into the door of my home after driving more than 5,000 miles on this trip.

Everything  IS  alright….and I am smiling and feeling loved….because I know that I am.

Lone Star