I woke up early on this glistening autumn morning in Portland, thankful to be alive and happy that this marks my first day off in a long, long time.  ….a little over seven weeks, actually.  Monday will mark week 8.

I have already meditated this morning, and am planning to make my house sparkle….clean, reorganize, regroup….Then, I’m going down to my studio to do the same thing, and to start on a new mosaic, if there is time left over.

Feeling so happy to have this day with no grueling homework and editors ringing my ears off with calls for rush orders and dealing with clients, new and old.  Not going to waste another minute on the computer, but since I had not really updated in awhile, I wanted to check in to say, “Hey!” and to let you know I’m still alive…..and awake…..and so happy & grateful for the opportunities that this day offers.

the meaning of each chakra


Hope YOU have a beautiful day, too!