Knock it Off with the Diet Soda, Already!


I have never understood the concept of drinking diet soda.  Sure, it can save a lot of calories that one might find in a sugary soft drink, but still.  Why not just splash a little juice in the bottom of a glass and top it off with some sparkling water?  Tastes much better and it doesn’t fill your body with nasty Aspartame, Sucralose or Saccharin.  Who needs that kind of chemical cocktail cursing through his or her body?

Actually, I prefer a squeeze of lemon in a glass of stilled water.  That is my preferred drink, but once in awhile, I’ll splash some organic cranberry juice into the bottom of a glass and top it with lime sparkling water.  Light…refreshing and delicious!


The nastiness that is artificial sweetener causes the  taste buds to become insensitive to things that are naturally sweet, so if you’re used to drinking diet soda, the first time you make your own with juice and sparkling water, you probably won’t like it.   The *really* nasty thing about these artificial sweeteners is that they can trigger insulin the same way that real sugar does, which sends the body into fat storage mode, so they really don’t help anyone lose weight.  This, according to Brooke Alpert, RD, author of “The Sugar Detox.”


University of Texas researchers conducted a longitudinal study over a period of 10 years that supported evidence that drinking one diet soda per day can lead to being substantially  fatter than those  that opt  not to drink them.  That’s right, folks, the diet soda drinkers  had a 70% increase in their midsections!    Not only that, but a University of Minnesota study found that drinking only one diet soda per day showed a 36% increase of the risks associated with diabetes and metabolic syndrome!


Why would anyone want to put anything into his or her body that has no nutritional value, whatsoever?  Why not just drink water?  We actually NEED water for our bodily processes.  Diet soda cannot fulfill those functions.  A lot of people complain that they get headaches when they drink artificially sweetened soft drinks as well.   Why put yourself through that?      Kinda dumb, if you ask me….like smoking cigarettes is dumb.     Death wish?   You only have one body.  Why not honor it by taking care of it?  Oh…and an article in the Journal of General Dentistry published research that compared the teeth of methamphetamine users, cocaine users and habitual diet soda drinkers, and guess what?  They found that all three of these things have the same level of citric acid, which destroys tooth enamel.    Just think about what is going to happen to your teeth if you drink diet soda AND smoke.  ick!   Shudder.  Gross!Image

While diet soda may taste good to those that are hooked on it…(It tastes disgusting to me!) the American Academy of Neurology found that folks who drank over 4 cups or cans of diet soda every day were more likely to be depressed.     Isn’t life hard enough without intentionally making it worse?

Sure, things like smoking or drinking diet soda are personal choices…but they’re really dumb choices, if you think about it.  Use some common sense and things will work out for you a whole lot better.


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  1. I’ve always thought that if you have to drink diet soda, you’re drinking to much soda. Good entry 🙂

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