Portland, Oregon – The Colors of Autumn


No matter how you look at it, Portland is a beautiful city.  Its distinct four seasons change her look dramatically from month to month, sometimes draping her in a swath of floral bouquets and, at other times, splashing her with rich, warm color that can rival any New England landscape.


No matter what the changes are, they are dramatic…..breathtaking, in fact, even after the leaves have fallen and the barren trees stretch their naked branches up to touch the weeping winter sky.


Not quite ready to say good bye, the last of the summer crocus peeks through the soil in a fanfare of color and charm.


The creamy white mushrooms hidden among the piñon pine needles calm the soul and lend an air of quiet solitude among the array of festive color.


…and next spring’s roses grow their protective armor in preparation for their own showcase that will occur after the winter thaw.


This is autumn in Portland, where my favorite pumpkins grow and thrive in the organic garden, bringing smiles to children’s faces and love within my heart.  Living here is truly living, and it makes me feel so glad to be awake and alive. I feel fulfilled, and have intent and purpose…a reason to get up every morning and face the new day with happiness and joy.


Even the old feral cats that hide themselves among the bushes, know they are loved.  They are cared for in this city, where people set out dishes of food for them and offer them shelter when the cold winds sweep through after the autumn gives way to the winter months.


The birds flock here as well, welcomed by the abundances of houses from which to choose….but beware of the cats!


There is always someplace safe to nest and get in out of the cold.


The little squirrels keep a watchful eye out for fallen chestnuts or popcorn from passers by.


Portland is a beautiful city.  I think I might stay here for awhile.  It is a place for family and friends.  It is a place for art and culture, for good food and good times.  Portland  is a place for love and nature.  It is a good place to be, no matter what the time of year.

pumpkin patch

I love Portland.

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14 thoughts on “Portland, Oregon – The Colors of Autumn

      1. Yeah, it’s about an hour north of Eugene. Beautiful, beautiful country. Oregon State Univ. is in Corvallis, so basically it’s just a sweet little college town, surrounded by vineyards and Christmas tree farms.

        I live in Oklahoma, now. That’s where I grew up. Oregon was a way station between SoCal and here, in what I refer to as my Great Midlife Crisis ™, which happened in my early 30s. *g* I never thought I would move back here until one day it just seemed like a good idea, and it turns out that it was. I live in another college town, and build websites and do concert photography, mostly folk and Americana artists. Life is good.

      2. I grew up in Oklie-homey, myself….just south of Norman, as a matter of fact…but I did not feel about it as you do. I left the minute I could, and have never regretted leaving. Will be headed that way to visit friends and family soon, however. Would love to see some of your concert photography! I, too, am a photographer.

      3. I’m in Norman! For a couple of years I used to go to Goldsby for music every Wednesday night. A bunch of guys who eventually turned into the Damn Quails did a song swap there for a long time.

        Nowadays I run websites for the Blue Door in OKC, John Fullbright, and various others; this year I was one of the festival photographers for WoodyFest.



        Maybe when you come out to visit, we could grab a drink and listen to some music somewhere. This is my kid, Fullbright. (Not my offspring, just “my kid”. *g*) http://www.johnfullbrightmusic.com

      4. Would love to do that. Just saw your photography on your FB and added you. I’m a former musician and music lover from way back, so let’s do it! Will get back with you about details as soon as travel plans are finalized. My parents are in Lex, 16 miles south of you.

  1. Beautiful photos..finally reading posts since i’m stuck doing the mundane on this computer, which i hate cos it’s windows’. Erin and i really want to pop up to Portland..id love to be yjere with all my kids.I’m always hoping the two will move back.My daughter Corrigan’s wedding there was beautiful.

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